Web Analytics fundamentals

Audience analysis training

The objectives of this Web Analytics training is to provide users with the knowledge and key concepts of Web Analytics, and to introduce them to the techniques and methods used for the relevant exploitation of their customer’s data.

Essential knowledge and know-how

  • Learn the fundamentals of Web Analytics: measurement principles and techniques, the meaning and range of analyses and key metrics.
  • Master the different analysis methods and processes: from decoding trends to segmented analyses.
  • Applying knowledge to real cases: exchanging information and applying Web Analytics knowledge to real cases.

Summary of the service

  • Key concepts: learn the techniques of online measurement, identify the key factors of any Web Analytics strategy, “Quick Test: Online Analytics Maturity Model” etc.
  • Methodology: start out with the correct analytics approach, discover monitoring and project activity reports, react to abnormal phenomena, continuous improvement processes etc.
  • The heart of the business: learn to define KPIs, use the behavioural analysis, optimise conversions, target audience by using segmentation etc.


Participant profile

Online business managers, marketing and communication managers, junior web analysts, Traffic manager, Internet project managers, online marketers/SEO analysts, market research specialists etc.

AT Internet’s Expertise

  • 10 years Web Analytics experience
  • More than 300,000 audited sites
  • An internal surveys institute whose surveys are published in international press.
  • Senior consultants who are specialists in each sector of activity
  • References: Accor, Telemarket, Photoservice, Groupama, etc.