Position your site in its competitive environment

Carrying out a comparative analysis of your sector will allow you to orient and enrich your online strategy. With the Benchmark offer you can position the performance of your web site in relation to the average indicators for your area of business.

A unique view of the market

  • Exploiting exclusive sources: an exclusive source of behavioural data (more than 100,000 sites), covering a wide range of business sectors, allowing you to compare your traffic variables with the market average.
  • Adapting the benchmark to meet your needs*: the benchmark is available as an ‘A la carte’ service (AT Benchmark) to meet your individual needs or as a ‘Packaged’ service (AT Barometer) which uses a selection of predefined key analyses.

*A subscription is also available to continually monitor the performance and evolution of your site compared to its market

Examples: from the analysis to business reality

  • Tourism: highlighting key trends and exchanging best practices as part of a regional information and communications technology policy.
  • Industry: evaluating a partnership strategy by analysing accesses from referrer sites on the market.
  • Media: analysing the impact that the latest news has on Internet users who land on media sites via referrer sites as part of a university research project.
  • All sectors: weekly analysis of the visit shares of browsers and operating systems to monitor the development of new versions.

AT Internet’s Expertise

  • 10 years Web Analytics experience
  • More than 300,000 audited sites
  • An internal surveys institute whose surveys are published in international press.
  • Senior consultants who are specialists in each sector of activity
  • References: Accor, Telemarket, Photoservice, Groupama, etc.