KPI & Performance monitoring

Drive your online strategy

We will accompany you in defining your KPIs and help you set up made to measure dashboards. Measuring online performance requires setting-up KPIs (key performance indicators) which are perfectly adapted to meet your business needs, objectives and online strategy.

Dashboards & decision-making tools adapted to meet your needs

Drive your online strategy

  • Define operational and strategic KPIs: KPIs offer a clear vision of the performance of your site and effectiveness of your marketing actions.
  • Clear interpretation: each KPI which is created is documented (definition, range, variations) allowing your teams to discuss the meaning of a piece of data and its interpretation so that they can act more effectively.
  • Drive performance: each dashboard is developed specifically and can be updated on the fly, allowing you to manage your online activity on a daily basis.


Examples: from the analysis to business reality

  • Retail: development of a dashboard for the site of a brand name which manages a network of physical shops, with a detailed view of online sales, 360° objectives as well as interactions from the physical network and online uses.
  • Government: implementing a government site dashboard making it possible to manage actions by target and by profile for three distinct business activities.
  • Media: creation of a media revenue dashboard from revenue generated by audience, frequency and advertising per page.

AT Internet’s Expertise

  • 10 years Web Analytics experience
  • More than 300,000 audited sites
  • An internal surveys institute whose surveys are published in international press.
  • Senior consultants who are specialists in each sector of activity
  • References: Accor, Telemarket, Photoservice, Groupama, etc.