Performance audit

Reveal your optimisation potential

The performance audit allows you to extract the key information from your Web Analytics data so that you can have an overall view of your site’s efficiency and effectiveness. From Internet users who want to access content available on a site to conversions and effective campaigns, your Web Analytics data contains lots of information on your entire online strategy.

Marketing performance and levers for optimisation

  • Detect areas for improvement: inefficiencies, blocking points and major areas on your site where lots of traffic is lost.
  • Understand your targets: anticipate Internet user expectations, behaviour and uses to provide appropriate responses.
  • Optimise processes in place: identify optimisation levers, from managing marketing campaigns through to technical performances.


For general or specific issues

More than a general report of your site’s performance, AT Insight provides several different analyses to respond to specific issues:

  • Multi-Channel: to gain deeper knowledge of the mechanisms behind multi-visit accesses to your site before purchase
  • Intra-visit browsing path: to identify the most common path and the most incentive sequences (aisles/pages) with conversion
  • Web/mobile customer path, for authenticated visitors: to analyse sequences of channels leading to conversion
  • Diversity of aisles and sub-aisles: to identify opportunities of group offers to boost your online turnover
  • Seasonal estimate on traffic metrics: to anticipate your strategy and quantify the impact of your online and offline marketing actions, or the impact of external events linked to your vertical market
  • Distribution of analyses: to go beyond the metric average, improve knowledge of the structure of your audience for different metrics (traffic metrics, bounce rate, number of products ordered, etc)

These topics are not exhaustive. Please do not hesitate to contact the AT Insight team for any question you may have, they will be able to provide a personalised answer to help you make the right decisions.

Examples: from the analysis to business reality

  • Retail: a ‘Drive to store’ audit for a retail company
  • Telecommunications: an audit before and after a major revamp of a telephone company’s web site
  • Finance: an audit of the different subscription paths used for an online bank.


AT Internet’s Expertise

  • 10 years Web Analytics experience
  • More than 300,000 audited sites
  • An internal surveys institute whose surveys are published in international press.
  • Senior consultants who are specialists in each sector of activity
  • References: Accor, Telemarket, Photoservice, Groupama, etc.